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      Tuesday        4-Man Scramble

Tuesday 4-Man Scramble

Laguna Woods Village—Tuesday 4 Man Scramble Player’s Guide


Purpose:  Meet & play with different & new players for fun- competition-prizes.



Game Rules: 4 man Team Scramble.

1.    The captain (A Player) selects the hitting order for all shots / holes..


2.   "A" & "B" players use the white tees and  "C" & "D" players use the green tees (except on course 3-hole 1, "A" & "B" on blue tee &  "C" & "D" on white tee).   


3.     A&B players must have a minimum of 3 tee shots each & 8 is the maximum. C&D must have a combined 4 tee shots & 8 each is the maximum.


4.   The captain selects the best team ball for all shots.

                The team ball may be moved up to 1 club length (max 46”), but no closer to the hole. 

                 A player may play his ball either side of the team ball.


5.    On par 5 holes the driver of the team ball cannot hit the 2nd shot as part of the team’s rotation.  (This rule is not in effect for threesomes).


6.   A team ball on the putting surface may be moved a maximum of 6”, but no closer to the hole.


7.    If a par 3 hole is noted on the team sheet as “closest to the pin”, the distance of the measured ball is recorded on the score card. Note: the measured ball does not have to be used as the team ball / drive.

                            A team may only win ONE closest to the pin prize.


8,  The driver of the team ball is recorded on the score card.


               A $25.00 penalty may be assessed by the Skins Committee to signed up players not showing up & not canceling by 9am on Sunday of the week of play.


Teams are computer selected from a list of eligible signed up players using Sunday’s Ghin indexes.

 Lowest Handicaps (25% of that days participants)  will be assigned as

               Captains (“A” Players)

  Next  lowest 25 % as  “B” players ,

  Next  lowest 25 % as “C” players

  Highest handicap  as “D” players.  

This may be adjusted by the Game Organizer to improve the team balances & experience.


Three Man Teams:  

 In the event a team ends up missing one player, the team can play without competing for prize money and players would not be charged $20 for that week.   If the players want to compete for prizes  they may play as a threesome , they must adhere to the following rules:

  1.  A&B players must have at least 3 drives each &

  2.  C or D player must have a minimum of 2 tee shots.

  3.  A 10 shot tee maximum for any player.

  4. A team must continuously rotate the 4th player’s putt when all players are putting on or near a green.  The extra putt cannot be made by the same player twice in a row.


        No missing player shots are awarded from tee to green.

      The team prizes won would be paid at 75% (each player collecting the same amount

      they would have received with a full team).  


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